Storage Options

Calare Self Storage offers a wide range of storage options. Shed sizes start from a handy 2.15m x 1.8m for those boxes that take up room in the garage, through to 6x6m, for a large house full of furniture or equipment. We have many sizes in between with 6x3m (single garage size) being our most popular.

Calare Self Storage Shed Size Visualiser

Hover over the handy size chart below to help visualise the difference in size between our storage units.

10m x 3m 9m x 3m 7m x 3m 6m x 3m 5m x 3m 3m x 3m 5m x 6m 6m x 6m 2.15m x 1.8m 2.5m x 2m 2.5m x 3m 4m x 3m

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Self Storage FAQ's

There are plenty of times when you may need to store your items, either short or long term.

Such as moving to a new town, renovating or redecorating. Having a clean out of the garage and needing some more space at home.

Travelling, and need to store your items somewhere safe for your return.

Most things are safe to be stored at Calare Self Storage. However, the exceptions are:

• Dangerous, hazardous goods

• Illegal or stolen goods

• Explosive goods

• Environmentally harmful products

Goods are stored at your sole risk. Companies such as NRMA and GIO can offer you insurance cover.

Calare Self Storage is not liable for any loss of goods stored on its premises.

We offer a range of sizes to accommodate small items or a household of furniture. By contacting us, we can discuss your needs and the options that will suit. We are also happy to meet you and show the sizes available, as sometimes it is easier to see it!

At Calare Self Storage we are more than happy to meet and speak with removalists on your behalf.

Easy, contact the office on 02 6362 0211 to determine what size shed you will need.

You can come into the office and complete the agreement form or this can be emailed to you if you are out of town. We will need a copy of your photo ID and to organise the initial payment.

You are than given a security key to the front gate, and you use your own padlock on the shed.

The agreement is a legal document which outlines what happens if you are late with your fees.

If a payment is not met, the shed will be locked and access denied until payments are up to date.

Extended periods of non-payment will eventuate in disposal of your goods.